Nora oder Ein Puppenhaus

after Henrik Ibsen

Direction Timofej Kuljabin / Bühne und Kostüme Oleg Golovko / Lighting Designer Frank Bittermann
Cast Fritz Fenne, Lisa-Katrina Mayer, Isabelle Menke, Christian Baumbach, Ilona Kannewurf, Giorgina Hämmerli, Anja Rüegg, Nico-Alexander Wilhelm, Philipp Lüscher, Jessica Elsasser

Advokat Helmer Fritz Fenne
Nora, seine Frau Lisa-Katrina Mayer
Frau Linde Isabelle Menke
Rechtsanwalt Krogstad Christian Baumbach
Anne-Marie, Kindermädchen Ilona Kannewurf
Eine Schneiderin / Eine Tanzschülerin / Ehefrau des Botschafters Giorgina Hämmerli
Eine Kosmetikerin / Eine Tanzschülerin Anja Rüegg
Ein Barbier / Ein Banksekretär Nico-Alexander Wilhelm
Ein Botschafter Philipp Lüscher
Eine Tanzlehrerin / Eine Mutter Jessica Elsasser
Partygäste Anja Rüegg, Jessica Elsasser, Walter Schuchter, Nico-Alexander Wilhelm
Ivar Helmer Noah Zihlmann / Luka Kunovic
Krogstads Kinder Mia Brunet, Kassandra Blum, Alexia Finocchiaro, Julia Taylor
Direction Timofej Kuljabin
Bühne und Kostüme Oleg Golovko
Dramaturg Roman Dolzhanskiy, Amely Joana Haag
Lighting Designer Frank Bittermann
Assistant Director Maximilian Enderle
Assistant Stage Designer Marie Hartung
Assistant Costume Designer Tiziana Angela Ramsauer
Stage Manager Michael Durrer
Prompter Gerlinde Uhlig-Vanet
Dolmetschen Anjelika Oberholzer-Smirnova
Produktionshospitanz / Dolmetschen Sasha Aleksandra Davydova
Choreografie / Tanztraining Ilona Kannewurf
Theatre Education Anne Britting
As a future bank director, Torvald Helmer seems to have reached the climax of his career. He is unaware of how much his wife Nora has contributed to his success. Early in their marriage, when he fell seriously ill, she secretly raised a large sum of money for his treatment. Since, as a woman, she was not creditworthy, she forged the signature of her recently deceased father to obtain the loan. Although the debt has almost been repaid, Nora’s legal debt weighs heavily in the hands of the wrong person: the lawyer Krogstad, who once lent her the money, is now blackmailing her. When Torvald learns the truth, he accuses Nora of destroying both his honour as a man and his career, whereupon she not only leaves her husband, but also their children. Timofej Kuljabin, an outstanding representative of a new generation of Russian theatre producers, shows Ibsen’s figures almost exclusively by means of the digital word, via smartphone or tablet computer, reflecting the multimedia, polyphonic communication that characterises our everyday lives today.


  • Stadt Zurich
  • Swiss Re
  • Zürcher Kantonalbank
  • Migros